Clarks Originals

A platform for originality.


A content strategy and creative platform for the iconic Clarks Originals brand.



Clarks Originals is a dream brand for creatives. Brimming with heritage, ingrained in the cultural vernacular and full of characters. It’s a rich source of inspiration.

To enable these brand stories to be told, a content strategy and creative platform was imagined. It allowed the brand to capitalise on the heritage of Clarks Originals and the cultural currency of the brand now.

Content was drawn from multiple platforms such as Twitter and Instagram then mixed with content created specifically for the site. Events, music, products and articles formed a rich narrative to the site.



In addition to the content-rich heart of the site, the brand required a creative expression of their history.

A tangled knot of laces pulled you through the history of the brand. Each lace took you through to a different style, tied to a particular moment in time and another thread of their story.

This playful approach to their history sat perfectly with the brand. After all, it’s synonymous with people like all round fun seeker Ken Crutchlow, who in 1970 ran across America's Death Valley in a home made 'Clarks' sweatshirt, his Aunties sunglasses, Desert boots, a bowler hat and a brolly.



When content is woven with product it creates a more natural relationship and a more browsable experience. It supports, enriches and amplifies the brand story.



User-generated content can be a tricky thing to base a site around. It looks good on paper, but when it comes down to it, users can’t be bothered to generate the content (unless you’re willing to reward them in some way). Clarks Originals is fortunate in that people talk about them without being asked or cajoled. We were tapping in to a conversation that was already happening and surfacing it in one place. Made whilst at Un.titled.


Content and experience.
Make it original.