Creative Director

Tease, tempt, wow. Make them laugh, get them involved, spread your butter, love your brand, sit their bums firmly in their seats and open their eyes a little bit wider. That slight turn of the head, placing one ear more closely to the speaker, that's the effect I want.

This goal isn't bound by media.

I'm a potent mix of designer, conceptor, brand creator, animator, film maker and director. The wide, world of web feels like home. I've strategised, digitised and advertised. Bring me more. 

I devour new ways of thinking. I adapt, experiment, play and work hard for it. My vision inspires others and my passion makes it happen. Design, marketing and advertising change subtly and yet massively each day. Shifting, merging, colliding. I actively develop my understanding of this curious landscape and continue to evolve with it.

Alongside commercial work, I create self-initiated projects as Wig-01; a partnership experimenting within art, design and ideas.

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